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Thunder Road Memorial Day Classic event winners, 1961-2013.

Year  Winner                         Division
1961 Roy Forsythe                 Sportsman Coupe
1962 Paul Martel                   Sportsman Coupe
1963 Russ Ingerson                Sportsman Coupe
1964 Ron Marvin                    Sportsman Coupe
1965 Jean-Paul Cabana        Sportsman Coupe/Modified
1966 Larry Demar                   Flying Tiger
1967 Russ Ingerson                 Flying Tiger
1968 Ron Barcomb                 Flying Tiger
1969 Bobby Dragon                Flying Tiger
1970 Jimmy Gates                  Limited Sportsman
1971 George Horne                Late Model Sportsman
1972 Jean-Paul Cabana         Late Model Sportsman
1973 Jean-Paul Cabana         Late Model Sportsman
1974 Joey Kourafas                Late Model Sportsman
1975 Dave Dion                      Late Model Sportsman
1976 Dave Dion                      Late Model Sportsman
1977 Dave Dion                      Late Model Sportsman
1978 Dave Dion                      Late Model Sportsman
1979 no event
1980 Mike Barry                      NASCAR North Tour
1981 no event
1982 Dave Dion                      NASCAR North Tour
1983 Robbie Crouch               NASCAR North Tour
1984 Robbie Crouch               NASCAR North Tour
1985 Joey Kourafas                NASCAR North Tour
1986 Robbie Crouch               ACT Pro Stock Tour
1987 Kevin Lepage                ACT Pro Stock Tour
1988 Jean-Paul Cabana         ACT Pro Stock Tour
1989 Dave Dion                      ACT Pro Stock Tour
1990 Dave Dion                      ACT Pro Stock Tour
1991 Dave Dion                      ACT Pro Stock Tour
1992 Dave Dion                      ACT Pro Stock Tour
1993 Mike Weeden                 ACT Pro Stock Tour
1994 Derek Lynch                   ACT Pro Stock Tour
1995 Ralph Nason                  ACT Pro Stock Tour
1996 Kip Stockwell                 ACT Late Model Tour
1997 Chuck Beede                 ACT Late Model Tour
1998 Greg Blake                     ACT Late Model Tour
1999 Phil Scott                       ACT Late Model Tour
2000 Pat Corbett                     ACT Late Model Tour
2001 Cris Michaud                  ACT Late Model Tour
2002 Joey Laquerre                ACT Late Model Tour
2003 Jean-Paul Cyr                ACT Late Model Tour
2004 Joe Becker                     ACT Late Model Tour
2005 Trampas Demers            Late Model
2006 Brent Dragon                  Late Model
2007 Dave Pembroke              Late Model
2008 John Donahue                ACT Late Model Tour
         Kirk Alexander                Modified Racing Series
2009 Dave Pembroke              ACT Late Model Tour
         Steve Masse                   Modified Racing Series
2010 Dave Pembroke              Late Model
         Steve Masse                   Modified Racing Series
2011 John Donahue                Late Model
2012 Nick Sweet                      Late Model
2013 Derrick O'Donnell            Late Model

Dave Dion - 9
Jean-Paul Cabana - 4
Robbie Crouch - 3
Dave Pembroke - 3
John Donahue - 2
Russ Ingerson - 2
Joey Kourafas - 2
Steve Masse - 2
Kirk Alexander - 1
Ron Barcomb - 1
Mike Barry - 1
Joe Becker - 1
Chuck Beede - 1
Greg Blake - 1
Pat Corbett - 1
Jean-Paul Cyr - 1
Larry Demar - 1
Trampas Demers - 1
Bobby Dragon - 1
Brent Dragon - 1
Roy Forsythe - 1
Jimmy Gates - 1
George Horne - 1
Joey Laquerre - 1
Kevin Lepage - 1
Derek Lynch - 1
Paul Martel - 1
Ron Marvin - 1
Cris Michaud - 1
Ralph Nason - 1
Derrick O'Donnell - 1
Phil Scott - 1
Kip Stockwell - 1
Nick Sweet - 1
Mike Weeden - 1

DISCLAIMER: Many of the photos on this website have been used without prior permission, and for that, we're sorry.  For the ones we did ask to use, thanks a ton!  Proper credit is due every photographer, but since tagging every single shot would take a really long time, and we've forgotten a lot of who took what, let's just thank everyone who has "helped" out now: Alan Ward, Eric LaFleche/, Gene Gagne/, Leif Tillotson, Brian McCullough (RACEGOD), the late David Heath, Dave Brown, Cindy Weed, John Sullivan, Norm Marx, Bethany Bell,, the late Bob Doyle, Ron Pittsley, David Paris, Jim DuPont, Tom Herzig, and myriad others.  A huge thanks goes out to contributors Andy Boright, the late Cho Lee, and Christian "Ti Gaz" Genest, all treasurers of racing history.  You're all awesome and very much appreciated!!!
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