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There have been many people in my life that helped me become the person I am, and this is a tribute to them.  Thanks, everyone.

I don't have too many regrets in my life, but one of my biggest is never thanking my pit crew during a victory lane interview.  It seems like an easy thing to remember to do, but for some reason, I always forgot.  I have no idea why, maybe it was just all the excitement of the moment, maybe it was the pressure to remember all of my sponsors, maybe it was trying too hard to make a joke about something.  But for some reason, I just never told the fans how much my team meant to me.
To my parents:
You are the only reason I ever sat in a race car to begin with.  You'll never get anything material in return for the sacrifices you made for me and my desire to race.  I wish I could change that.  What you will have, however, is a bunch of memories - some of them very bad, but hopefully more of them that are pretty good.  We struggled and succeeded not only as a racing team, but also as a family.  In the end, I believe the good outweighs the bad, and the five years we spent chasing a dream together were spent well.  I love you, and thank you for your support, your forgiveness, and your spirit.  Dad, I miss you like crazy.
To my friends Jerry Chamberlain and Donald Fuller:
Jerry, you were my crew chief, and that was the plan since we first met in fifth grade - I'd drive the car, you'd fix it after the wreck.  And that's exactly how it worked out.
Donald, you were the "ride buddy" to and from the track, and the guy in the stands every week, dragging his girlfriend along to watch me for 15 or 20 laps of catastrophic mayhem.
You both were my crutches when things weren't going the right way, my biggest fans when things were good.  Thanks for everything.
To my cousin, Kenny St. Louis:
I feel like Kenny was in some ways looked at as the red-headed stepchild of the crew, the guy that was just kind of there every week, and not many people knew why.  But the thing is, Kenny was really the heart and soul of the team in a way - he could be completely pissed off at somebody or something, but he would always give 100% every single race.  Not everyone on the team could do that, especially not me.  If someone needed a wrench, Kenny was the "gofer".  If somebody couldn't turn what the wrench was connected to, Kenny usually finished the job.  Kenny was always the last guy to head to the stands before I went on the track, and the first guy back at the trailer when I came in.  Thanks, Gascap.
To Eddy Companion, a competitor that became one of my closest friends:
I can't think of anyone that has bailed my butt out of trouble in a moment's notice more than you and your old man.  Whether it was borrowing tools at the track, a frame machine at the shop, or a whole freakin' race car when mine was trashed, you came through.  Our relationship sort of began as me mooching off of you, and later blossomed into a "tied at the hip" friendship.  I've slept on your couch more times than I can count, gambled away money we didn't have at the Montreal Casino, done many other stupid things together (both drunk and sober), and I loved every minute of it.  Many of the best moments of my life were spent with you creating hijinx with me. Thanks.
To John Adams, my mentor: 
You have always been a father-type figure to me from the very start.  You taught me almost everything I know about working on cars (that's not much, but it's all thanks to you), driving race cars (again, not much), and repairing race cars (I know A LOT about that).  You got the ball rolling for me quite a few times, and your help and willingness to teach me will never be forgotten.
To Jeremy Carpenter, and maybe even Matt Brassard: 
You are my New York family, and were my 2001 entourage.  You spent an entire week at my house that year and poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (well, Jeremy never cried, but Matt probably did a little) into St. Louis Motorsports.  You made everything a lot more fun, and you introduced me to the wonderful world of go-kart racing.
To Aaron Maynard, the Career Killer: 
You were, are, and always will be The Wildman, and for the first two years, I had a lot of fun trying to not hit you as you went a lap down.  The third year, I had a good time holding you off and chasing you down, and the fourth year I had a blast watching you become a real racer.  Every week, you pissed me off, made me laugh, and made me question the safety of my roll cage, usually all at the same time.  You turned into a good racer, a good family man, and - as we all knew would eventually happen - a good race announcer.  Congratulations, and thanks for being there.
To Keith Fortier, my final car owner:
You knew going into it that we would end up with a trashed race car, but you went for it anyway.  We had potential before the big wreck, and that old pile of rust went like a bat out of hell.  Thanks your initial faith in me, and thanks for making me look good at Claremont.  I'm glad you were there for the final race, and I'm now a little bit jealous of your career in the big leagues.
To the "auxillary members":
Alan Claffie, Gene Gagne, Lil Gene, the late Rick Knowles, Dan Bancroft, my sister Jennifer Chicoine, Andrew Hill, Jamie Rabideau, Chris Cayea, the Fortier family, the Sweet family, the Amerio family, Bethany Bell, the Hiscock family (my biggest fans) and everyone that helped for even five minutes - you may not have been there for everything, but you all contributed in a significant and positive way.  I will always be grateful for your support and friendship.

David Allen
Beede Motorsports
Bucko Branham
Ben Bushey
Kevin Campbell
Chris Cayea
Matt Chandler
Clem Despault
Keith Fortier
The late Walt Harris
Billy "Weiner" Hennequin
Kerry Henry
Chris LaVair
Al Maynard
Brian McGinley
Jeff Moon
The Nolin FamilyMike "Chickenman" Perdue
Jamie Rabideau
Mike Seymour
Joe Small
Joe Steffen
Nick Sweet
Mike Wells
Keith Williams
Jerry Winch
There are countless others that helped us throughout the years, and I thank you all.

Action Auto by Bill's Body Shop - Plattsburgh, NY
Airport Park & Shuttle - Burlington, VT
AJ's Sunoco - Barre, VT
Annie's Naturals - East Calais, VT
Big Jim's Videos - Wall, NJ
Matt Brassard
Burlington Beverage & Redemption Center - Burlington, VT
Claff Promotions - Waldorf, MD
Crystal Graffix - Milton, VT
Fayz One Grafix - Richmond, VT
Fortier's Community Care Home - Barre, VT
John Adams Enterprises - Moscow, VT
JP's Pub - Burlington, VT
Lake Road Racing - Milton, VT
Land Air Express of New England - Williston, VT
Leahy Press - Montpelier, VT
MMU Friends of Music - Jericho, VT
MSRR Motorsports
New England Racing - Littleton, NH
Pocket Rocket Motorsports - Mineville, NY
Raceway Media Magazine - North Adams, MA
Rusty Nutz Racing - Somewhere near Colchester, VT
Shear Elegance by Ellen - E. Montpelier, VT
The Bolton Store - Bolton, VT
The Medicine Shoppe - Barre, VT
Tom's Snacks/Perdue Distributing - Barre, VT
Twin State Signs - Essex, VT

Ronald Lynn St. Louis - Papa, Skippy, Reverend RNNN, The Old Man, Dad
Army Spc. Christopher David Gelineau
Eugene "Goat Lips 1" St. Louis
Cho Lee
Pete Hartt
Ed Carroll
Pete Henry
Stephen Clarence "Bucka" Lobdell
Pasquale "Bill" Amerio
Rita Georgianna "Nana" (Hammond) St. Louis
Larry Robert "Bob" Wells

DISCLAIMER: Many of the photos on this website have been used without prior permission, and for that, we're sorry.  For the ones we did ask to use, thanks a ton!  Proper credit is due every photographer, but since tagging every single shot would take a really long time, and we've forgotten a lot of who took what, let's just thank everyone who has "helped" out now: Alan Ward, Eric LaFleche/, Gene Gagne/, Leif Tillotson, Brian McCullough (RACEGOD), the late David Heath, Dave Brown, Cindy Weed, John Sullivan, Norm Marx, Bethany Bell,, the late Bob Doyle, Ron Pittsley, David Paris, Jim DuPont, Tom Herzig, and myriad others.  A huge thanks goes out to contributors Andy Boright, the late Cho Lee, and Christian "Ti Gaz" Genest, all treasurers of racing history.  You're all awesome and very much appreciated!!!
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