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Thunder Road Sportsman Coupe/Modified division feature event winners and champions, 1960-2010.  Thunder Road's first division, the flathead Coupes (also known as Class A cars), were the only group racing at the track from 1960-62 before the introduction of the Class B/Semi-Late Model/Flying Tiger cars in 1963.
NASCAR-legal Sportsman Modifieds ran with the flathead Coupes in the final race of 1964 and early part of 1965 before being outlawed in weekly competition (with the exception of Merlin Bean, whose Modified was so much slower than the New York and Québec cars, it was allowed to stay).  One final open race was held the week after the Milk Bowl, won by Jean-Paul Cabana, who was dominant in the early '65 races.
Two special Coupe races were held in 1974, and then a lame attempt was put forth in 1978 by then-track owner Tommy Kalomiris to run the Bear Ridge Speedway Coupes on a regular basis.  In fact, only one Coupes-only feature was held that year, won by current Bear Ridge Promoter C.V. Elms, III.  In the only other '78 event where Coupes competed, the three cars in attendance ran with the Grand American division, with Pete Dunn and Elms finishing 1-2 in the race ahead of top GA racer Dave Gibbs.  (The race counts as a Grand American win for Dunn on this website.)
One more Coupe race was held in June 2006 in conjunction with the Twin State Series (races were also held at BRS, Canaan Fair Speedway's dirt and asphalt tracks, and Riverside Speedway).  The Valenti Modified Racing Series came to Thunder Road for three appearances on Memorial Day weekend in 2008-10.
Big time "THANKS!" to Cho Lee for his research help on this pioneering era at "The Nation's Site of Excitement!"

Ronnie Marvin - 18
Lee Ingerson - 12
Roy Forsythe - 11
Harold Hanaford - 8
Tony Colicchio - 7
Russ Ingerson - 7
Doug Ingerson - 6
Norm Chaloux - 5
Jean-Paul Cabana - 4
Johnny Gammell - 4
Rex Shattuck - 4
Satch Hunt - 3
Mutt Dexter - 3
Paul Martel - 3
Freddie Mills - 3
Mike Osborne - 3
Chet Wood - 3
Bob Bissell - 2
Larry Granger - 2
Steve Masse - 2
Kirk Alexander - 1
Glen Andrews - 1
Sylvio Bilodeau - 1
Pete Bryant - 1
C.V. Elms, III - 1
Ernie Gahan - 1
Mike Gendron - 1
Clint Gerard - 1
Dick Hawkins - 1
Andre Manny - 1
Hank Montandon - 1
Bob Moore - 1
Dick Nephew - 1
Ernie Reid - 1

Date Winner              Hometown
6/30  #Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
7/07  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(rained out 7/04)
7/07  Dick Hawkins         Vergennes, VT
7/14  Freddie Mills          Groveton, NH
7/21  Mutt Dexter            Lisbon, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
7/28  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
8/04  Pete Bryant            St. Johnsbury, VT
8/11  Ronnie Marvin         Bethlehem, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
8/18  Larry Granger         Barre, VT
(Mid-Season Championship)
8/25  Tony Colicchio       Barre, VT
9/01  Glen Andrews        Oxford, ME
9/05  Norm Chaloux        Barre, VT
(Labor Day Classic)
9/08  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
9/15  Rex Shattuck         Burlington, VT
9/22  Johnny Gammell    St. Johnsbury, VT
9/25  Mike Osborne        Barre, VT
10/02 Rex Shattuck        Burlington, VT
10/09 Mutt Dexter           Lisbon, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
10/30 Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(Vt. State Championship)

Date Winner              Hometown
5/30  Paul Martel            Plymouth, NH
(Memorial Day Classic/Martel Triple Crown winner)
6/03  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
6/07  Paul Martel            Plymouth, NH
6/14  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
6/21  Rex Shattuck         Burlington, VT
(Triple Crown winner)
6/28  Mike Osborne        Barre, VT
7/04  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
(Firecracker 40)
7/12  Ernie Gahan           Scarborough, ME
(Triple Crown winner)
7/19  Freddie Mills          Groveton, NH
7/26  Johnny Gammell    St. Johnsbury, VT
(Mid-Season Championship)
8/02  Clint Gerard           Littleton, NH
8/16  Bob Bissell            St. Johnsbury, VT
8/23  Sylvio Bilodeau       Whitefield, NH
8/30  Freddie Mills          Groveton, NH
(Governor's Cup)
9/03  Mutt Dexter            Lisbon, NH
(Labor Day Classic)
9/06  Doug Ingerson        North Haverhill, NH
(Triple Crown)
9/09  Harold Hanaford      Plymouth, NH
9/16  Harold Hanaford      Plymouth, NH
(Vt. State Championship)
9/30  Harold Hanaford      Plymouth, NH
(1st Annual Vermont Milk Bowl)

Date Winner              Hometown
5/24  Harold Hanaford      Plymouth, NH
5/31  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(Memorial Day Classic/Marvin Triple Crown winner)
6/04  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
6/11  Harold Hanaford      Plymouth, NH
6/18  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
6/25  Tony Colicchio       Barre, VT
7/03  Chet Wood            Orange, VT
(Firecracker 40)
7/09  Doug Ingerson        North Haverhill, NH
7/16  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
7/23  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
(Mid-Season Championship)
7/30  Satch Hunt            Franconia, NH
8/06  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
8/13  Russ Ingerson        North Haverhill, NH
8/20  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
8/27  Tony Colicchio       Barre, VT
(Governor's Cup/Colicchio Triple Crown winner)
9/03  Satch Hunt            Franconia, NH
9/06  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(Labor Day Classic)
9/13  Johnny Gammell    St. Johnsbury, VT
(Vt. State Championship)
9/27  Harold Hanaford      Plymouth, NH
(3rd Annual Vermont Milk Bowl)
10/11 Ronnie Marvin       Bethlehem, NH


Date    Winner              Hometown

6/20/74  Norm Chaloux       Barre, VT


8/22/74  Bob Moore            Topsham, VT


5/21/78  C.V. Elms, III        North Haverhill, NH


6/18/06  Mike Gendron       East Corinth, VT

(Twin State Series)


5/25/08  Kirk Alexander      West Swanzey, NH

(True Value Modified Racing Series)


5/24/09  Steve Masse        Bellingham, MA

(True Value Modified Racing Series)


5/30/10  Steve Masse        Bellingham, MA

(Valenti Modified Racing Series)

Date Winner              Hometown
5/25  Mike Osborne        Barre, VT
(Governor's Cup)
5/29  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
(Memorial Day Classic/Forsythe Triple Crown winner)
6/09  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(rained out 6/08)
6/16  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
(Disqualified, decision later reversed)
6/22  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
6/29  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
7/04  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
7/06  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
7/13  Tony Colicchio       Barre, VT
(Triple Crown winner)
7/20  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
7/28  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
(Mid-Season Championship/Forsythe Triple Crown winner)
8/03  Norm Chaloux        Barre, VT
8/10  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
8/17  Tony Colicchio       Barre, VT
8/24  Norm Chaloux        Barre, VT
8/31  Tony Colicchio       Barre, VT
9/03  Roy Forsythe         Keene, NH
(Labor Day Classic)
9/07  Tony Colicchio       Barre, VT
(final points race)
9/14  Rex Shattuck        Burlington, VT
9/17  Norm Chaloux        Barre, VT
10/01 Larry Granger        Barre, VT
10/08 Bob Bissell           St. Johnsbury, VT

Date Winner              Hometown
5/30  Russ Ingerson        North Haverhill, NH
(Memorial Day Classic)
6/07  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
(rained out 6/06)
6/13  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
6/21  Johnny Gammell    St. Johnsbury, VT
(rained out 6/20 - Gammell Triple Crown winner)
6/27  Doug Ingerson        North Haverhill, NH
7/11  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
(Firecracker 40 - rained out 7/04)
7/11  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
7/18  Satch Hunt            Franconia, NH
7/25  Doug Ingerson       North Haverhill, NH
(Mid-Season Championship)
8/08  Chet Wood            Orange, VT
(rained out 8/01)
8/08  Russ Ingerson       North Haverhill, NH
8/16  Lee Ingerson          Jefferson, NH
(rained out 8/15)
8/22  Russ Ingerson       North Haverhill, NH
9/01  Hank Montandon   St. Johnsbury, VT
(Labor Day Classic)
9/08  Harold Hanaford     Plymouth, NH
(Governor's Cup)
9/15  Chet Wood           Orange, VT
(Triple Crown winner)
9/22  Russ Ingerson       North Haverhill, NH
10/06 Lee Ingerson         Jefferson, NH
(2nd Annual Vermont Milk Bowl)

1965 (All winners driving Sportsman Coupe unless noted)
Date Winner              Hometown
5/16  Ernie Reid             Malone, NY
5/23  Andre Manny         Montreal, QC
5/30  Jean-Paul Cabana  Beloeil, QC
(Memorial Day Classic/Modified)
6/06  Jean-Paul Cabana  Beloeil, QC
6/17  Jean-Paul Cabana  Beloeil, QC
6/24  Dick Nephew          Mooers Forks, NY
7/01  Paul Martel            Plymouth, NH
7/04  Russ Ingerson        North Haverhill, NH
(Firecracker 40)
7/08  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
7/15  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
7/29  Harold Hanaford     Plymouth, NH
(Mid-Season Championship)
8/05  Doug Ingerson        North Haverhill, NH
(Triple Crown winner)
8/12  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
8/28  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
(rained out 8/19)
8/28  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
9/02  Ronnie Marvin        Bethlehem, NH
9/05  Doug Ingerson       North Haverhill, NH
(Labor Day Classic)
9/19  Russ Ingerson       North Haverhill, NH
(4th Annual Vermont Milk Bowl)
9/25  Jean-Paul Cabana  Beloeil, QC
(Modified, non-points)

Sportsman Coupe/Modified Division Stats & Facts
First season: 1960
Events held: 109
Total winners: 29
Total repeat winners: 19
Most wins: Ronnie Marvin (17 - 15.9% of all races run, 1960-65)
Most wins in one season: 10, Roy Forsythe (1961)
First event: 6/30/60
First winner: Lee Ingerson
First champion: Ronnie Marvin
First rookie winner: Lee Ingerson (6/30/60)
First Modified winner: Ernie Reid (5/16/65)
First repeat winner: Ronnie Marvin (1st win - 7/07/60; 2nd win - 8/11/60)
First back-to-back winner: Roy Forsythe (5 straight - 6/16/61 to 7/06/61) 
First New Hampshire winner: Lee Ingerson (Jefferson, 6/30/60)
First Vermont winner: Dick Hawkins (Vergennes, 7/07/60)
First Maine winner: Glen Andrews (Oxford, 9/01/60)
First New York winner: Ernie Reid (Malone, 5/16/65)
First Quebec winner: Andre Manny (Montreal, 5/23/65)
Most point-counting events in one season: 20 (1964)
Most winners in one season: 14 (1962)
Fewest point-counting events in one season: 17 (1960)
Fewest winners in one season: 8 (1961, 1963)
Win streaks:
Roy Forsythe - 5 (6/16/61 to 7/06/61)
Ronnie Marvin - 4 (8/12/65 to 9/02/65)
Harold Hanaford - 3 (9/09/62 to 9/30/62)
Jean-Paul Cabana - 3 (5/30/65 to 6/17/65)
Roy Forsythe - 2 (7/20/61 to 7/28/61)
Lee Ingerson - 2 (6/07/63 to 6/13/63)
Lee Ingerson - 2 (7/11/63 #1 to 7/11/63 #2)
Ronnie Marvin - 2 (7/08/65 to 7/15/65)
Steve Masse - 2 (5/24/09 to 5/30/10)

DISCLAIMER: Many of the photos on this website have been used without prior permission, and for that, we're sorry.  For the ones we did ask to use, thanks a ton!  Proper credit is due every photographer, but since tagging every single shot would take a really long time, and we've forgotten a lot of who took what, let's just thank everyone who has "helped" out now: Alan Ward, Eric LaFleche/, Gene Gagne/, Leif Tillotson, Brian McCullough (RACEGOD), the late David Heath, Dave Brown, Cindy Weed, John Sullivan, Norm Marx, Bethany Bell,, the late Bob Doyle, Ron Pittsley, David Paris, Jim DuPont, Tom Herzig, and myriad others.  A huge thanks goes out to contributors Andy Boright, the late Cho Lee, and Christian "Ti Gaz" Genest, all treasurers of racing history.  You're all awesome and very much appreciated!!!
--- Website updated and maintained in memory of Cho Lee ---