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Biff leads Pich' at Circuit 500 in Montreal while Joo-stan operates the camera

Formed in May 2001, the OG Tour has traveled to tracks in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Quebec, and even once during a Southern Cite in Florida.  After humble beginnings, the Tour has grown  in recent years, and 49 drivers took part in 2004!

2005 GoKART Tour Rules
1. For an event to count toward the GoKART Tour standings, there must be at least two Tour drivers competing against each other.
2. Points will be awarded according to order of finish among participating Tour drivers. In races with timed scoring (i.e.: Circuit 500, GPKI), bonus points will be awarded to the driver with the fastest lap time.
3. NEW POINTS SYSTEM FOR 2005 - Points will be awarded as follows: 1st - 10, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 8, 4th - 7, 5th - 6, 6th - 5, 7th - 4, 8th - 3, 9th - 2, 10th - 1. All other finishers will receive 1 point. 5 bonus points for fastest lap time.
4. In the event of a tie for series or track championships or rookie of the year awards, tie breakers will be used as follows: a. Driver scoring more points in the most recent event will be awarded the position. b. The driver with the highest score for a single event will be awarded the position. c. Driver competing in more events over the season will be awarded the position. d. Winner of a best-of-three Rock, Paper, Scissors match, with no less than two witnesses.
5. NEW ROOKIE RULES FOR 2005 - To be eligible for rookie status, a driver may not have competed in more than four events in a single season. Past rookie of the year winners are ineligible. Previous race winners are eligible if they have not competed in more than four events in a single season.

Click the links below to view all-time records, point standings, and all the 2005 info!

Eddy, Smail, and Justin swept the Top 3 spots in the Team 990 Indoor Karting Series in 2004

Eddy navigates a hairpin turn at Grand Prix Karting Interieur in Brossard, QC GoKART Tour 2005

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The early days in 2001 at the track that started it all - Ponderosa Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY

It says "NO BUMPING" on the back of the Ponderosa karts...

Yellow arrows indicate Citers at a Team 990 race. Red arrow indicates Eric, who just doesn't cite.

Speed citing at Grand Prix

... but you can't read the back when you've spun somebody out and they're facing the wrong way!

A striped-shirt Eddy zooms down the window straight at Grand Prix

Haven't had enough motorized citing?  Check out the racing page!  We've got pictures, too!

DISCLAIMER: Many of the photos on this website have been used without prior permission, and for that, we're sorry.  For the ones we did ask to use, thanks a ton!  Proper credit is due every photographer, but since tagging every single shot would take a really long time, and we've forgotten a lot of who took what, let's just thank everyone who has "helped" out now: Alan Ward, Eric LaFleche/, Gene Gagne/, Leif Tillotson, Brian McCullough (RACEGOD), the late David Heath, Dave Brown, Cindy Weed, John Sullivan, Norm Marx, Bethany Bell,, the late Bob Doyle, Ron Pittsley, David Paris, Jim DuPont, Tom Herzig, and myriad others.  A huge thanks goes out to contributors Andy Boright, the late Cho Lee, and Christian "Ti Gaz" Genest, all treasurers of racing history.  You're all awesome and very much appreciated!!!
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