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The short-lived Stock Car Connection only ran two seasons for a total of eight races.  The series combined the American Speed Association (ASA) of the midwest, the All-Pro Series of the south, and the all-new American-Canadian Tour (ACT) of the northeast.  The cars were fast, high-tech, fiberglass-bodied machines, and displayed North America's best short-track racers.


The Stock Car Connection (SCC), the brainchild of ACT promoter Tom Curley, was designed to hold six events around the US and Canada in 1987, each boasting a purse of over $100,000.  The series would attract present and future household names - NASCAR stars Rusty Wallace, Bobby and Davey Allison, Mark Martin, and Darrell Waltrip; short-track legends Dick Trickle, Junior Hanley, Butch Miller, Bobby Gill, Robbie Crouch, and Beaver Dragon; and regional heroes like Steve Grissom, Claude Leclerc, Kenny Wallace, and myriad others.  The races would give fans more than their money's worth - time trials, qualifying heats, and extra-distance feature events, all on a grandstand ticket averaging just $17.  The series seemed like a guaranteed success in the making.
After the inaugural event, the Molson 400 at Sanair Super Speedway in St-Pie, Quebec, however, things were quickly reevaluated.
While upwards of 20,000 race fans were expected for the opener, less than 9,000 showed.  Curley's ACT, the "host" series, fared poorly with only two drivers finishing in the Top 10.  ASA drivers - especially Butch Miller of Coopersville, Michigan - dominated the race, and continued to do so throughout the season.  After losing money at the Sanair event, All-Pro pulled the plug on its race at Birmingham, Alabama, cutting the schedule to five races.  Miller later took additional wins at Cincinnatti, OH and Milwaukee, WI.  An event at Roger Penske's brand new Pennsylvania Int'l Raceway (later known as Nazareth Speedway) was cancelled due to rain, leaving only four events to make up the championship.  Three-time NASCAR Champion Darrell Waltrip won a highly controversial All-American 400 at Nashville, TN to end the season.  Miller finised fourth and easily clinched the SCC title.
The 1988 schedule consisted of four events - Sanair, Lee USA Speedway in New Hampshire, Cayuga Speedway in Ontario, and the All-American 400 at Nashville.  A bonus "champions shootout" at Thunder Road in Vermont brought Miller, Trickle, Gill, Crouch, Paul Richardson and Ricky Craven in for a 20-lap, $5,000-to-win brawl.  Miller, of course, won the race.  He also won at Sanair and Nashville, while Ted Musgrave won at Lee USA and Dick Trickle won at Cayuga.

1987 Round #1 - Molson 400 @ Sanair Super Speedway - St-Pie, Quebec

1987 Round #2 - Cincinnati 300 @ Queen City Speedway - West Chester, Ohio

1987 Round #3 - Milwaukee 250 @ Wisconsin State Fair Park - West Allis, Wisconsin

1987 Round #4 (cancelled) - Nazareth 250 @ Pennsylvania International Raceway - Nazareth, Pennsylvania

1987 Round #4 - TNN All-American 400 @ Nashville Motor Raceway - Nashville, Tennessee

1988 Coors Silver Bullet Shootout @ Thunder Road Int'l Speedbowl - Barre, Vermont

1988 Round #1 - Molson 400 @ Sanair Super Speedway - St-Pie, Quebec

1988 Round #2 - ACTion 300 @ Lee USA Speedway - Lee, New Hampshire

1988 - Cayuga - Dick Trickle - More info on this race to be added soon, thanks to!
1988 - Nashville - Butch Miller / Harold Fair pole winner

Mike Eddy in a non-SCC appearance at Catamount Stadium in Milton, VT

Mark Martin

Bob Senneker

Darrell Waltrip at Nashville

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